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From the time he could walk, Jeff Johnson was performing shows of all kinds for anyone who would watch. In fact, he used to have a new show ready to share with his parents every single night after dinner. Discovering the art of magic happened early as Jeff traveled to regional art fairs with his parents, his mom was a watercolor artist, and would often watch the magicians who'd been hired for the entertainment. He'd watch shows again and again and before he knew it he was hooked.


During his elementary school years, Jeff was constantly reading magic books, going to the local magic shop in town to pick up a new trick and hosting magic shows in his backyard for the neighbor kids. In 2nd grade he performed his first paid birthday party show and he continued to perform birthday party shows throughout his elementary, middle school and high school years. During this time he also received the prestigious Morris Park Scholarship Award for Young Performers and was the featured performer in magic shows held at his middle school and high school.


In college, Jeff built a magic performance team and began touring with his show. First to places around the state of Minnesota and then throughout the country. He also embarked on his first international tour in the country of Japan where he performed over 30 shows for the Japanese people.


In 2007, Jeff had his first residency in Jordan, MN at a converted turn of the century opera house. He performed shows throughout the month of October and billed this as "The Month of Mystery". During this run, he performed for hundreds of people and build his collection of large-scale stage illusions even bigger.


In the next years, Jeff's focus shifted to the possibilities of what he could really accomplish with his magic. He found himself performing for more churches and devised a new way to bring his large-scale illusion show to churches for little to no financial obligation on the part of the churches he served. For this audience, he was able to share his faith through his illusions and help churches of all sizes host world-class events to provide outreach to their communities.


In the most recent years, Jeff has gone from being just an illusionist to also being a magic historian and enthusiast. He believe that the rich history of the art of illusion and the famous magicians who have come before us must be shared with the younger generations to continue to drive interest and enthusiasm in the art. This was what prompted Jeff to conceive his highly-acclaimed stage show series "Masters of Illusion" where he showcases the most famous tricks and tricksters to have ever graced the stage. This show provides something for everyone in the family and also appeals to the curious historian in all of us.


During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Jeff had an idea. What if he could put together a Magic Club that was dedicated to not only helping it's members learn new tricks, but also help them learn about the rich history of magic? It's from that seed of an idea that Jeff';s new Magic Club is now born. Designed to be a monthly membership that can include both virtual and live instruction (depending on your location), plus a subscription box that delivers quality magic props and even a collection of trading cards featuring the greats of magic from yesteryear, there is no other Magic Club like this one that's ever been created.  


Throughout the last decade, Jeff's performance schedule has been a mixed bag. During this time he and his wife, have welcomed 4 children into the world, each of them interested in what their daddy does with his magic. Now is the time for the next chapter of Jeff's performance career. New tours are being set up of his Masters of Illusion program with churche, his monthly magic club is in full swing, and he's also gone back to his roots of entertaining at children's birthday parties with an entirely new show expected to be welcomed by even more families throughout the greater Twin Cities metropolitan area.


Jeff is a proud member of both the Society of American Magicians as well as the International Brotherhood of Magicians. His favorite magicians to watch live include David Copperfield in Las Vegas, NV, Rick Thomas in Branson, MO and Rick Wilcox in Wisconsin Dells, WI. His favorite historical magician is Harry Houdini. When he's not performing magic he enjoys traveling, going on cruises, live theater, trying new restaurants, fishing and having a great time with his 4 kids, wife and aging golden doodle dog Libby. He lives with his family in Edina a suburb of Minneapolis, MN.   

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